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That Holiday Spark(le)

December 13, 2021

Ladies and Gents it is that time of the year and I am bursting with excitement. I absolutely love the holidays. I know not everyone is as excited for another year of a Covid Christmas, but guys I refuse to let this holiday not be anything less than amazing. I’m Scrooge on Christmas Day after the three ghosts have whipped him into shape and new variant or not, I’m beaming! I’m currently sitting in a Cafe called Jaime in Center City Philly, an adorable French bakery that makes all your croissant dreams come true, typing away. I just exchanged gifts with my go-to Lender, Adam Funck from Garden State Home Loans, and gosh it was good to be out doing normal things with people again. For some of you that may not have ever stopped, but aside from clients and my “covid pod” I really haven’t had a chance to spend time with many people from work or otherwise. Adam and I were actually laughing at the fact that in the two plus years we’ve worked together we had never had the chance to sit down and really get to know one another. I of course, over shared over my lemon tarte, and he politely laughed and listened to my crazy stories. Who knew we both came from such similar backgrounds.

If you’re a past client, you’ve certainly heard me refer Adam to you for all of your mortgage needs. In fact, I’ve used him for two of my own loans and have yet to be disappointed. I’ve always recommended Adam because he’s super professional, great with numbers and knows the business inside and out. But now, I can add really kind and genuine to the mix. When our coffee date ended it left me with a warm feeling inside, and I can safely say I will be continuing to recommend him as my lender of choice to anyone I work with moving forward.

Guys! The decorations are up, the hot chocolate is flowing, the gifts are being bought and the lights are twinkling all over the city. And we should be thankful that we are here, together, enjoying the company of our loved ones and spending time with those that mean the most to us. This is the season for giving and sharing, and I can only hope that anyone out there who reads this loves this time of year as much as I do and gets to feel that holiday spark.

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