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November 16, 2021

Anyone else have the hardest time choosing how they want to decorate their home? You love decor and you watch all the shows on HGTV that make you drool at the printed wall paper and grey wood floors, but then you look at your own home and your bank account and think, “maybe next year.” Sometimes the process of redecorating a home or making small improvements seems daunting, expensive and like if you can’t do everything why bother doing anything at all. There’s this quote from Under the Tuscan Sun that I am constantly using on marketing materials that I hand out to buyers that says, “The trick to overcoming buyer’s remorse is to have a plan. Pick a room and make it yours. Go slowly through the house. Be polite, introduce yourself, so it can introduce itself to you.” There are always going to be projects that have to get done that you will have no control over, such as the leaky faucet or damp basement that keeps haunting you in your sleep, but that isn’t what this blog is about. This is about how making a space your own once the docs are signed and you’re holding the keys to your new kingdom can be a challenge (for some). Your home is an extension of yourself and many times your personality will shine through with the very items that make up the inside.

I’m sure you all know by now that I focus on the lifestyle someone wants to live when picking out a home. I will of course talk about mortgages and major issues that could be happening within the home as we do our tours, but you’ll often also hear me talk about how you can layout your furniture or where your tv will go. I do this because I want my clients to really picture themselves in that home, moving around, eating dinner and hosting parties. You’ll hear me say, “Could the space you’re looking at be home?” And once it is, what decor will make you melt on to your couch at night beyond thankful to call it just that.

I suppose some of this depends on how much you really enjoy decorating and let’s be honest, how much time you spend on Pinterest and Instagram.

I would easily say I spend at least an hour cumulatively everyday scouring instagram and design websites on how homes can be decorated. What color palettes are in, which are out and what is trending in furniture, door types, thick rugs vs. thin rugs, etc. Heck, I even like to see how people are decorating for the holidays each year. What metals are in, thick trees, white trees, old fashioned bulbs vs. pampas. It truly never gets old to me. And I love that I can offer my client suggestions on how to decorate or at the very least where they might be able to buy that rustic wood table they’ve always wanted. But one, two, skip a few and here I sit in front of my own Christmas tree in my new home (on the floor because I haven’t moved my furniture from my other home yet) and I want old fashioned in one corner and modern in another. I also want mid century modern in the dining room but boho lighting everywhere, and (as I grab my hair and pull) I’ve realized that I love home decor so much that I need 50 homes to decorate so I don’t turn my own into a hodge podge of nonsense. So if you’re like me and love it all, how do you pick which one you like the best? I’m not sure I have the exact answer to this question, but I’ll tell you where I decided to start. Sometimes my aesthetic can be very California boho chic, think Vanessa Hudgens home (if you haven’t seen it, look it up – it’s to die for!) However, I live in Philly. And as much as I love her home, putting surf boards on the walls of my all stone cottage just seemed silly. And then it dawned on me, I should decorate based on the exterior of the home and surrounding location’s feel. I hope this is making sense…stick with me here and please remember, this is just a suggestion. If my home looks like a cottage on the outside, maybe there is a way to make it feel cozy yet still modern on the inside instead of like my grandmother just threw up everywhere. I started to narrow down some of the ideas of what I wanted to do to the inside of my home by recognizing that the outside matters as much as the inside. I started saving photos of interiors that felt like they could go with exterior of my home, and the more I saved the more I realized that I had a type and I truly believe you will too.

This idea may not be for everyone and I fully recognize that. But if it helps me get off the floor and onto a velvet blush couch, I’m here for it. I still love all different types of decor styles, and on a daily basis I find some new item that I am just dying to get for my home, but I’d like to think this idea has helped me rein it in (a bit).

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