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City to Suburb

November 3, 2021

Leaving the city for the suburbs has been some adjustment. What else can I say other than, I love the city. I didn’t grow up in one, but my family made it a point to take me to a city every Holiday and frequently during the summers of my childhood. I knew from a very very young age that I wanted to live in a city someday. I’ve certainly bounced around throughout the years, living in Savannah and Charleston, New Hope and now Philly (the longest I might add). And yet, for all my love of city living, I’ve cut the proverbial cord and bought a home in the suburbs. For those of you asking, how can someone who owns Philly Lifestyles make such a change, she sells real estate in the city and lives in the suburbs, she’s committing blasphemy. I did it for my mom. It won’t change where I do business because my heart is and always will be – in the city.

Awhile ago I mentioned we were on the path to selling my mom’s home, my childhood home. The home that she spent 47 years of marriage in and that I had my first kiss in. I’m pretty sure I also mentioned that my parents had me later in life, so my mom is a similar age to most people’s grandparents and it’s time she comes and lives with me. My mom has never lived in a city and is very much a suburbanite. And leaving behind her home of 47 years has been no easy feat. I thought for sure we would have sold over a year ago, but it took some time to have her reckon with the idea of it really being time to leave. So a little over two months ago we officially started our search for the perfect home. And I stepped into the shoes of a buyer and got to experience first hand what it was like to buy a home in this crazy market. The bidding wars, the lack of inspections, the crushing disappointment of not getting the home you thought for sure was going to be your future. But just like I try to remind the buyers I work with, another home even better and more well suited to your needs eventually comes along and makes you the happiest person in the world when you hear those three little words, “You’re under contract.” With that being said, “you’re under contract” also came with “you’re moving to the suburbs.” Ultimately, I’m a 20 minute drive or quick little train ride into the city, but there’s of course a piece of me that is sad to leave. Not being able to walk to grab food or get my nails done are definitely hitting the hardest, along with the hustle bustle and people watching. The city just has an energy you cannot replace. It makes you want to be more creative, it makes you want to get up and go, it lights a fire inside you that you just can’t find elsewhere.

So today I went to the new home, @crest_cottage, to bring some more items over and to sit with the house I soon will be calling home. It was windy out and the trees where whooshing and swaying back and forth, the leaves have started changing color and were falling all around the front yard and I could smell the burnt umber of a fireplace roaring somewhere on my block. I walked inside and sat on the new area rug I just got for the living room. I too, have a fire place in this new home. I may have no idea how to use it yet, but I started to get a faint feeling of excitement bubbling up in my stomach. Christmas here is going to be epic. It’s quiet and peaceful in a way I haven’t experienced in awhile. This new home is going to force me to slow down a bit, make me stop to smell the fire place and I believe the change will be good for me.

I’m writing this blog while sitting at an Italian restaurant, eating pizza with way too much hot pepper on top and I can still smell the woodsy crackle of the fire, and I’m not mad about it.

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