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October 26, 2021

I was checking out some of our October posts on Philly Lifestyles this evening just to make sure the feed was looking color coordinated and that we are heading into our fall/winter vibes. Except, one brightly colored pink post really stood out to me. I rarely share personal information on Philly Lifestyles and even though every year I say I’m going to get better about sharing more with the followers, I chicken out. The post I’m talking about is the one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although this post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate or home improvements or even Philly really, it does hold a very special place in my heart. 

I’ve lost one too many family members to this horrible disease. One in particular that I was extremely close with, my Aunt Roro. A late diagnosis mixed with fear, took her away from me way too young. I never really knew my grandparents, as my own parents had me very late in life and my Aunt Roro and Nat made up for the missing love and attention all children need from their grandparents. I grew especially close to my Aunt Roro over the years, so close that she promised to come back and haunt me from beyond the grave just so she could say hello every once in awhile. Silly I know, but I loved the idea. There are still times when I’m convinced she is near, watching out for me and making sure I stay safe in this crazy world we all live in. 

In any case, thinking about that post and my Aunt really made me start to think about how we are so much more than just our jobs. But I am often afraid to share more with our followers because I don’t want them to think I have any other interests besides real estate all day every day. Except, that just isn’t true. I recently bought my second home and cannot wait to show everyone the updates and changes I’m going to be making to the house. Making a house your own is one of the most special parts about buying it. It’s why we become attached to our homes and feel safe and cozy at the end of the night when we are all snuggled up in bed. And I want to post about my life outside of real estate on Philly Lifestyles without feeling like I am being judged for not spending every waking moment talking about real estate. Because you know, how could I be great at my real estate job if I’m devoting any of my other energy towards non real estate activities in my life?

Well, here’s the truth. I want to write a children’s book someday, I love to paint and throw pottery and I went to school for commercial photography and have almost forgotten how much I love being out in nature taking photographs. Our jobs can certainly take up a large majority of our time and energy. And I love my job, I love selling real estate and helping people find their dream homes, but I also love other things as well. I want to share them with you guys, in fact I hope to share them with you all soon. Social media has its peaks and its pits, but I want to find a way to exploit the peaks and hopefully gain friends along the way. But like most homes, I’m a work in progress. The same way a buyer will take one room at a time and make it their own, I’m going to try to share one piece of myself at a time with you all.

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