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Walking Each Other Home

March 17, 2020

I’ve never minded my alone time, as I spend so much time with clients and friends and family that often getting some peace and quiet is a wonderful thing. But if there’s one thing this virus has made me realize it’s how thankful I am for my day to day life. I’m going to share some personal information in this post, but I promised I would get more intimate this year on Philly Lifestyles and let everyone in a little bit more, so here it goes.

My parents had me late in life and at 36 and quarantined alone, I’m suddenly feeling lonelier than ever before. My parents are 79 and 82. They live in northern NJ, and I’m constantly checking in by phone reminding my mom to not go out of the house, offering to have food delivered to their home – anything to keep her inside. My father is ill and she is his primary caretaker. Their doctor has asked me to not come home to be with them. Not being able to be with my family at this time has been so difficult for me. They are the most important thing in the world to me, and I can’t be there to help them and spend time with them. I’m being kept away, isolated hours from them (with my pup Declan). As someone who can rarely sit still, this has been so difficult for me. Staying inside and finding something to do to stay occupied has been especially hard, and of course my mind is wandering in a million different directions. It’s made me think about the purpose of a home in a whole new way. Being confined to mine, as much as I love the four walls protecting me and giving me cover, feels so empty without my family with me.

If there’s one thing I’m hoping will come of this catastrophe it’s that maybe as humans we will realize the importance of being made of flesh and bone. How interpersonal contact and interacting with those around us is vital to our society, to our sanity and to our hearts. Phones, texting, typing and swiping isn’t enough to satisfy our minds and our emotions. We aren’t meant to be caged, we aren’t meant to spend our lives in solitude consumed by electronic communication and artificial intelligence. A crowded table, plates being passed hand to hand – laughing over popcorn and board games – dancing cheek to cheek, kissing one another lips to forehead – that’s how life is meant to be lived. If you’re lucky enough to be holed up with someone you love, don’t spend your time arguing – spend it loving one another and being thankful that your hand has someone else’s to hold. Or if you’re like me, that your dog gets to try your new concoction from the kitchen and never make you feel bad for how it tastes. Stay safe everyone, because now more than ever we’re all just walking each other home.

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