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February 13, 2020

Hello! I’m Stacy, the newest member of the Philly Lifestyles team. I am also a writer, designer, social media maven and, most importantly, an aspirational homeowner. Until I’m ready to take the leap, my days are spent dreaming of buying giant furniture I will never have to move, installing heated floors in bathrooms I don’t yet own and buying rolls and rolls of the busiest patterned wallpaper imaginable. 

Wallpaper is my ultimate goal. Unfortunately, my current landlord is so particular that he listed my dog by name on the lease (Jinx Lenz, the sole canine allowed on the premises), so any permanent changes to my apartment must stay strictly in the dream realm. However, that does not stop me from browsing reams of brightly colored paper because I am blessed which the next best thing to being able to decorate my own home, living vicariously through my friends. (It’s also much cheaper this way.) I am lucky to have friends that share my obsession of totally bonkers patterned wallpaper, especially when you take said wallpaper and apply it to a powder room.

The visual impact of a wallpapered bathroom packs a punch, it’s vibrant and exciting but since it’s confined to such a small space, it doesn’t overwhelm. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a little wild, especially if the rest of your house favors a more minimalist, white and bright aesthetic. Also, it provides visitors to your home the absolute best place to take selfies. See below courtesy of my friend Jennie and her jungle powder room.

The newest wallpapered bathroom in my friend circle belongs to my friend Kay Marie, owner of Victorian house built 1896. As I’ve learned from so many of her elaborate Halloween parties, Kay loves organizing around a central theme–in this case it’s the Victorian era that keeps her scouring estate sales, flea markets and occasionally a trash bin looking for discarded, period authentic pieces for her house. The only downside in styling the sort of house where a haunted doll would look right at home is it excludes you from following some fun current home trends. This is where the powder room comes in. It’s small and tucked away enough that it doesn’t ruin the whole decor scheme of the house, but it provides the perfect testing ground to break into the 21st century. So when it came time to remodel her powder room, Kay was ready, and I was ready to vote on which roll of wallpaper was my favorite. More to come soon on which wallpaper won and the before and after that will shock you all! Did someone say selfie?

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