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Because I Said So

February 13, 2020

Okay so who has seen the movie, Because I Said So with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton? It’s one of those cheesy rom-coms that I personally can’t get enough of. It’s always been one of my favorites. I actually haven’t seen it in awhile, but I am going through a bit of a tough personal situation at the moment involving a member of the opposite sex (if you catch my drift) and I’ve found myself just wanting to stay unnaturally busy 24/7 to keep my mind off of it. Which in turn, then became a vacation unpacking session and a sudden urge to have to move my furniture around. This insane desire that I’m currently struggling with, because there are only so many places I can put my couch in my row home, suddenly reminded me of the scene in Because I Said So where Mandy Moore has to move her living room furniture because of her internal frustration with the opposite sex and her mother. So then I began thinking even further, is it wise to move your home around when you’re a bit sorted? It’s kind of like cutting you hair after a break up or getting those dreaded bangs you never knew you didn’t need. (For the record, I love bangs on a woman – hence why I’ve always had them). In any case, since rearranging my furniture 3 times I ultimately decided it worked best the way it originally looked and put everything back in it’s place. I then gave in and texted the guy I was trying so very hard to ignore. (Yes, I’m human.) I think the moral of the story here might be, don’t make any drastic changes to your home or your hair the same week as Valentine’s Day or when your feelings and ego are bruised. All you’ll really have accomplished is a good sweat and some scratch marks on your wooden floors. 

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