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I’m Re-doing a Camper & Yes, I’m a Millennial

August 5, 2019

If you’re still reading this you’re probably also a millennial (hello) or my mom.

Jk – Probably a few friends of mine too.

I’ve been looking for a camper to re-do ever since I moved out west 4 years ago. I’ve changed quite a bit since then. I’ve ditched my Sperrys & Duck Boots and traded them for Danners & Chacos.

About 4 years ago, I took a trip with a friend to the Cascades in Washington and it rained the entire time. The tent we were camping in wouldn’t suspend because we didn’t tie it tight enough, and it was the first time I ate straight up salami in the car with a hunting knife in my socks and a shirt while my jeans dried on the seat.

Before this moment I thought – trucks were for rednecks – trailers were strictly for trash and hiking was for people who loved Duck Dynasty beards.

I was incredibly attracted to my friend and for some reason I couldn’t ever put my finger on it. Until one day he turned to me with a smirk/smile under this one specific spotlight and said, “I’m simple – I like my life well, light. I don’t keep anything around that I’m not afraid to walk away from in 30 seconds.”

I actually couldn’t wrap my mind around it at that moment – he legitimately seemed like an alien. 30 seconds? Damn – I can’t even unhook my bra in that amount of time (sometimes).

But I knew deep down that he was totally right. What in the heck was I doing with all the stuff I was collecting?

Below are a few answers to a some questions I’ve been getting regularly, so I’m just going to answer them here:

  • No, I’m not sure I’m going to live in it – I don’t think my doggo boys would like that.

  • No, I have no idea what I’m doing besides ripping things out while blasting Kerosene by Miranda Lambert.

  • Yes, I’ve tried to drive with the camper unhitched.

  • No, I still can’t back the damn thing up.

  • Yes, it’s a blast.

The camper re-do is a quest to remain light and nimble, while also learning some of the basics about how some things (like plumbing, electric and power tools) work.

It’s also a great way to learn to ask for help (something I’m not great at).

If you wanna follow along with my journey, while I learn to back the damn thing up (someday friends, someday) – you can find me @lizkrupka on instagram.

 It me 👊🏼 It me 👊🏼

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