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Me Time

April 4, 2019

This is a tale of 7am fire alarms, an unexpected pajama party and 3 days of palm trees and my toes in the sand…

The importance of time blocking and finding outlets outside of our work to find inner peace is something I’m still working on. I’m currently on my own private wellness retreat in Miami. Funny enough before booking the trip down, I never bothered to look to see what was taking place while I was there. To my surprise, the music festival Ultra was getting underway the day after I arrived. My relaxation under the cabana by the pool at my hotel turned in to a full blown music extravaganza filled with some interesting clothing choices and a lot of not so sober individuals. I couldn’t help but laugh when it was midnight and all I wanted was to sleep the night away, but instead I was kept awake by my hotel room actually vibrating from the fist pumping music. On day two, someone pulled the fire alarm in the hotel to be funny and hundreds of still drunken people groggily made their way down the emergency exit steps and to the outside front of the building. With my makeup smudged all over my eyes from the night before, the old man standing in his matching flannel pajamas rubbing his hair back and forth and girls still in barely there bikinis flooding the front of the hotel, I just stood frozen in disbelief. My first instinct was to be frustrated and annoyed. I felt it welling up inside of me, one more thing to ruin my wellness retreat until an old British bloke out of nowhere yelled out, “Pajama Party!” I couldn’t help but start laughing. He made such light of the situation and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I found myself in a full blown giggle and my body just instantaneously relaxed. At that moment a lightbulb went off inside of me. I could stand there huffing and puffing or I could just say, if you can’t beat em, join em. For all the crazy music and 7am fire alarms, I got to sit on a white sandy beach staring at turquoise water as palm trees swayed to and fro in the breeze for 4 whole days. And it was glorious. The second I put my phone down and turned off my computer and decided to embrace the light, the weight not only lifted off me, but it melted away in the blazing Miami sun and I began to truly enjoy my time off.

Every once in awhile, it’s important to unplug, to put your own needs first. There is no shame in saying I need Me Time, whatever that should mean to you. For me, it’s travel – long plane rides where I’m unplugged and having a new city or beach to explore. And what’s better is I am so ready for Spring Market. Bring it on, I say! I’m completely at my leisure. 


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