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Kitchen Basics

January 28, 2019

In the Kitchen:

  1. Countertop Utensil Jar – Free up drawer space by storing larger utensils out in the open

  2. Plastic-bag Holder – Stuff bags into a designated container for grab-and-go convenience

  3. Pot-Lid Organizer – “File” lids (Instead of stacking them) to save cabinet space

  4. Expandable Drawer Organizer – Organize every inch of every drawer: cutlery in the kitchen, beauty supplies in the bathroom, socks and undies in the bedroom

  5. Chalkboard Stickers – Label leftovers with the day they were cooked or dry goods that have been transferred to airtight containers

Organize the Kitchen:

Let Function Dictate Storage

Keep coffee near the coffee coffeemaker, knives by your cutting boards, and towels next to the sink. Similarly, stow your cooking supplies, including spices, within arm’s reach of the stove. 

If Drawer Space is at a Premium

Think about storing flatware in pretty containers on your counter top. Grab-and-go silverware speeds things up come mealtime and leaves drawers free for bigger items. 

When Possible, Buy Sets of Dinnerware, Glasses, and Storage Containers

Instead of mixing and matching everything buy sets to keep a clean feel. Everything stacks neatly away, making the best use of your shelf space. 

Tape Your Most-Used Recipes to The Inside of a Cabinet Door

For instant access to your favorites, this is the best place to hide the recipe. It saves precious countertop space when you’re meal prepping and keeps you from ever having to pull out a cookbook or go online. 

Transfer Dry Goods

Items like grains, sugar and cereal to matching airtight containers, which creates visual cohesiveness in chaotic pantries, while keeping eventing fresher longer. 


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