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What Does it Mean to Be a Female Homeowner

January 21, 2019

Okay so my intention with this post is not to make it sound like women are the inferior sex and that owning a home is so much more difficult for a woman than it is a man, however with that being said I can’t tell you how many men and women I meet regularly that say to me, “You own a home all by yourself?” Somewhere out in the ether there is a stigma that owning a home comes after or right before marriage happens. Meaning two salaries get to help pay the bills, two people get to help do the dishes and take out the trash and two people get to try to fix the toilet until they give in and pay the plumber when the toilet over flows. So sure – two incomes can make owning a home easier. But what if you’re a female who makes a good salary and can afford to own a home all on her own. Financially you’ve got it, but you still don’t own –  why? Is it the scariness of who do you call if the toilet breaks? Is it the impending doom that hovers over you saying you’re doing this all ALONEEEE and society has always told you you shouldn’t be? Is it because you think you may get taken for a ride while going through the buying process or maybe there is a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach that it might be too big of an undertaking for just one person? 

I sell homes for a living and trust me when I tell you, I get it. After I went through the buying process and was on the other side of the transaction I began to realize what my clients fears were and they became much more validated. Seeing the buying process from a different perspective, single or not, allowed me to break down my own fears as well as those from each and every person’s story I came across. My goal in this blog is to share a little bit about who I am, so everyone reading can get to know the person behind the words on the page, to debunk the fears of single women buying or selling, to offer up some fun content on decor and decluttering, and last but certainly not least share with you what the buying process should look like from start to finish in Philadelphia (and most areas of NJ). 


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