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January 21, 2019

The month started off like any other new year, full of promises of making all of my hopes and dreams come true in 2019. And then life took over. In less than 3 weeks, my fuel pump flooded on my car, I got a flat tire, my battery to my electric key died, my dishwasher flooded, my ice machine on my refrigerator stopped working, and two contracts fell through. It has been a complete shit storm so far, but I’m still chugging along. I’m a home owner, a business owner and a proud one at that, and I am learning to not sweat the small stuff. If there is one thing I wish I could share with each and every buyer, it’s that exact idea – don’t sweat the small stuff. During the inspection process, items are going to come up that are big and some that are small. When you’re going through those first ten days of the inspection period, everything seems so big, so important….so scary. But the truth is, a home is four walls built by humans and every problem can ultimately be fixed if you love the home enough to stick by its side through the ups and downs. I would never want any buyer to feel pressured into buying a home they become afraid of, but I do like clients to know that I can provide a full list of licensed contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. to make the process just a little bit easier for them. But first, we’ll negotiate the hell out of the Reply to Inspection to get as much taken care of by the seller as we can 😉

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